Subtle Difference Between Marketing & Business Marketing

As most adults get to realise, to make money in any quantity, there has to be an element of buying and selling involved.  Someone buying goods to sell to to someone else.  The overall function is referred to as business – to make a business transaction is to draw up an agreement either on paper or just verbally, for Person B to buy goods or services from Person A.   Marketing is the activity that covers the promotion and advertisement of the said goods or services currently held by Person A so well that as many Person Bs as possible feel inclined and excited enough to buy said goods or services at a price somewhat higher than Person A has pasid for them.   It can in fact be summed up as the act of attracting custmers, satisfying them with excellent goods and services and thus retaining their custom for your other items you have for sale.   Business marketing is generally the act of selling products or services to other companies or organisations that either directly to support the sasles of their other goods.  Business markets tend to include agriculture, finance services & banking, communications, mining, construction and transportation services.   Whereas the consumer market areas include food and beverages, clothes, electronics, accessories etc.